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We offer complete canine cosmetology services.

Bath:  Our baths include wash in an appropriate shampoo designed specifically for your pet.  Some examples are Oatmeal, Medicated, Shedding, Comfort, and others.  Our Canine Cosmetologists will select a type for your dog or if you have one specifically in mind just ask.  We also express the anal glands, clip the nails, clean the ears with cleaning solution and trim hair from the ear to assure no problems.  We also trim hair around the anus for cleanliness and trim hair from the pads of the feet.  Prices vary by breed but start at a very resonable $16.00 for small dogs.  Please call us at (281) 968-7480 for a quote on your breed.

Grooming:  Our certified and trained Canine Cosmetologist can do full grooming on your special pet as well.  This includes a full bath as outlined above plus a complete cut.  You can specify the cut our our trained personnel will trim your dogs to breed standards.

Nails:  Yes, we'll just do the nails.  We offer nail triming for only $8.00.

Maintenance:  If you your pet has special needs or requirements we can put them on a special maintenance program to keep them at their best.  This is offered at a very reasonable rate and will be quoted on your pet.  Typical maintenance starts at $10.00.