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Shirley Wooten:  Shirley has been working with animals for over 20 years and is a true lover of dogs.  Shirley is a school trained and certified groomer who treats each and every pet like it was her own.  Shirley also shows dogs and has several "Best in Breeds" for her little Tibetan Spaniel Tashi.

Amber Wooten-Severance:  Amber was raised with a series of pets and has a deep and abiding love for animals.  Her Blue Ribbon Rotwieller is a loveable ham.  Amber is also a school trained and certified groomer with years of experience. 

We also have Jonna and Bobbi who are learning and helping us give you the best service possible!

Gary Wooten:  Gary is the office support team for the ladies.  He's the "Guy Friday" that takes care of things so that Shirley and Amber can service your pet's without worrying about all that nasty paperwork and ordering.