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As dog owners, we also needed to take our pets to a groomer on occasion.  We often found the situation less than pleasant  Often the facilities were not as clean as we'd like and we also felt that the pet was treated more as a commodity than as the loving member of the family they were to us.

We decided we were not alone, and thus was born "Fabulous Fur Fluffers!"  Here we use only the best ingredients (many groomers use diluted diswasher detergent) designed specifically for your pet.  We have facilities that are designed with the care and proper handling of your pet in mind.  We have separate facilities for "dirty" and "clean" pets to keep them from sharing (fleas, dirt, etc.).  Additionally, we use a disenfectant on our tools between each grooming just like at the beauty shop to keep from spreading germs from pet to pet.

We really try to make sure you get "Fabulous" treatment at our salon for your canine and if you have any questions please just ask.  If you want to see how your pet is being cared for, we'll even give you a tour of our facility.